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Eureka INTAC �Cargo Clearing & Forwarding System  
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The Eureka Integrated Accounting System is a simple & flexible accounting system for use on microcomputers. It provides an integrated set of transaction processing and reporting facilities for use in medium size business organization.

The system is design to be easy to use and yet cater for different accounting and management requirement. Since the design and development has been done locally, it can be customized to incorporate individual requirements.

 System Features

  • Complete integration between accounting and other modules.
  • Ample facility to access the required information.
  • Reports can be printed as well as viewed on screen.
  • Almost all the reports can be generated as of required period.
  • On-line printing of Invoice, Receipt, Payment and other relevant vouchers.
  • Multiple currency data entry options.
  • Multiple company system. Accounts can be maintained for different companies.
  • Multi-user system with separate password and user rights for each user.
  • Option-level security control, which can be customized for each user. This feature gives ample control to ensure data security.
  • Completely menu-driven with lookups list for key information throughout the system.


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