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 Eureka INTAC Solutions  
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 Welcome to Eureka INTAC Solutions, Azza Computer's full featured Integrated Accounting System. The system is comprised of core accounting and operational solutions that will work for a variety of businesses including wholesale distribution, retail point of sale, exporters, importers, service and repair, among others. The Eureka INTAC product line offers solutions for small and mid-sized businesses or departments within major companies.

 Eureka INTAC has been developed from the ground up using the proven state-of-the-art technologies from Microsoft. Its designers and creators are software engineers and accountants with extensive experience in their trade. Eureka INTAC integrates e-mail, drill down analysis, pictures in inventory master files, fax interface, integrated personalized toolbars, and the best and easiest to use interface for real productivity and efficiency.

 Consistent user friendly front-end design insures ease of use and smooth task flow through the data entry process. Eureka INTAC is fully integrated and can be used in a stand alone mode on a single computer or in a multi-user multi location environment with unlimited number of users. The system is inherently multi-user in design.

 The business solutions offered by Azza Computers are one of the most comprehensive and have the best price performance value on the market today. Eureka INTAC is an accounting system with proven business rules that will grow with your business.

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